*H&B suction nozzles are built tough to be used in extreme conditinds.
*They are made from 16ga aluminized steel for longevity.
*They have a 1/2" blaster pipe welded to the pressure side with a 1/2" full-port
ball-valve "that can be removed" for use blasting cracks/crevises or up on dry benches.
*There is a 2.5"I.D.rolled steal ring welded to the tip for less chances of clogs.
*The suction nozzle is 3″O.D. in diameter and work with any 3″ suction hose.
*Inlet hose fitting is a welded 1.5″ Male threaded NPT (national pipe thread)
that any will accept a 1.5" pressure hose.
              *Lager sizes available*
Requires A pressure “around” 180 GPM (gallons per minute) or 10,800 GPH (gallons per hour

3" Drylander Nozzle